Noki Installation Guide

Here're the detailed screenshots of Noki's installation process. You can safely ingore this just by clicking the [Next] button on each screen to use the default settings.

1. Welcome to installation, click Next:

2. License Agreement, you can read the licenece then click the radio box "I accecpt the agreement":

3. After accecpting the license agreement, click Next:

4. You can choose the installation directory of Noki (or use the default directory provided), click Next:

5. Select Start Menu Folder, you can use the default name. Click Next:

6. You can choose to create a Desktop icon or create a Quick Launch icon. Of coures, you can use the default settings. Click Next:

7. Click Install:

8. This is the installation in process. It usually takes around 10 seconds. Please wait till it finishs.

9. This installtion screen shows the readme of Noki. You can skip it. Click Next:

10. The installation is done. Click Finish to launch Noki.

Getting Started...