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"Transferring essential data between a PC and a mobile phone isn’t an easy task. Typically, we have to get on with two independent information storages, the main (PC) and a mobile (phone) without any connections. Software provided by a phone manufacturer usually can’t fully solve the problem. For Nokia phones, we have Nokia PC Suite (made by Nokia), which can easily make backup of all data from the phone, but it’s still hard to explore and use these data. Noki software gracefully solves the problem, being a bridge between Nokia PC Suite’s binary formats and common file formats like text, Excel worksheets and so on. "

"Noki allows to open backup files created either by Nokia or Symbian software, explore these files and save them entirely or partly in other formats. When you load Noki and open a backup file (.nbu, .nfb, .nfc, or .cdb)* with it, you see its contents in a folder tree. All items have brief preview with tooltips (image folders also have thumbnail preview), and you can export all of them or only selected ones into different formats. There are handy options for target formats like "several text files", "one text file", html file, Excel file. Now with Noki you can just use your data the way you want."

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* Note:
 Noki v1.7 supports mass storage/SD card .arc backup file.
 Noki v1.8 supports MMS and Skype dialing.
 Noki v1.9 supports Calendar database and packed MMS.
 Noki v2.0 supports Email.
 Noki v2.1 supports S60 v5 backup file.

Read and Extract Data from .NBU Noka Backup Files

reviewed by Killer Tech Tips

"You can create an .NBU backup and restore it completely to your phone afterward. But you just can’t read an individual SMS message, contacts list data, graphic or theme from that backup. That means it’s pretty useless from one point of view. You could even face problems if you try to restore the backup to a phone of a different model.

Is there a way to make these files readable, you ask? Well, there is. Thanks to a third party software called Noki, it’s possible to view individual graphics, messages, drafts, contacts and other data from your backed up .NBU file. What’s more, you could even extract this data into a simple format. For instance, you could convert your contacts into a simple .csv/text/html file. Cool, isn’t it?

Noki, which tags itself as the Explorer for Nokia PC Suite files, ... It does live up to its name by allowing you to extract all kinds of data from your Nokia mobile phone backup. Good luck!"

Thanks to the editor of Killer Tech Tips.

When a Restore Isn't a Restore

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"Noki is an application that is able to read and interpret the contents of the Nokia backup files. These files generally have the NBU extension and contain all the data selected for backup during the backup process.Use of the application is very easy and there is little that can go wrong.

Using Noki, it’s a simple matter of selecting the desired backup file. The content is displayed in a neat tree view.

The ActiveNotes are basic HTML files. Using Noki I was able to extract them to the desktop and then copy them back to the phone’s ActiveNotes directory. Simple as that!

Over and above that, Noki is a means of integrating your phone’s data to a variety of other applications and using it in a number of other ways.

If you’re stuck with Nokia phone backups and need to manipulate or restore the data, Noki may be a lifesaver for you too."

Thanks for Mr Hertenberger for this nice review.

Easily and swiftly access backup files

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Nokia PC Suite can also create backups of all the files stored on your mobile device. The bad news is that you cannot access these backup files unless you connect your Nokia device to your computer. What if you forgot your phone at the office, even worse, lost it?

The solution comes in the form of software application, the Han Zhao-developed and aptly named Noki. What this application does is allow you to view all the .nbu, .nfb, .nfc, .arc, or .cdb files created using Nokia PC Suite – as in the backup files created by Nokia PC Suite. From these backup files you can extract contact details, SMS and MMS messages, emails, calendar entries, memos, bookmarks, and other files.

Just like Nokia PC Suite, Noki works with the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system. It works with all Windows versions, from Windows XP to Vista and the latest iteration, Windows 7.

If you need to easily and swiftly access backup files created with Nokia PC Suite, then Noki is the tool for you. It extracts everything from the backup files, from that funny video you shot to that important phone number you need.

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