How to use Noki Gems effectively

Basic usage is very simple: just open the backup files and save them to a .nbu. Here are some tips to use Noki Gems more effectively:

Merging multiple backup files

You can drag-n-drop multiple files (in .nbu, .csv or .vmg format) into Noki Gems to start merging:

Checking to select

The unchecked messages will not be saved in the final .nbu file:

You select multi rows of messages and check/uncheck in the right click menu:

Inspecting messages from each backup file

Moving the mouse cursor to the last column of the SMS list will high light all the messages from the same backup file:

It's useful when you merged several .nbu files together and trying to find out which file each SMS belongs.

Selecting phone module when saving to .nbu

When doing a multiple merge, Noki Gems will prompt you to select a module to save the messages as a .nbu:

PC Suite exported .csv and vMessage (.vmg) file doesn't contains phone model info. When these files dropped in, Noki Gems will default the model info as "Nokia".

Merging summary

When the merging is done, Noki Gems will show a brief summary:

So there's no need to count the messages box by box.

Ctrl + F1 to generate bug report

When there's an error, it usually means the backup file is broken or contains an invalid entry. You can press Ctrl + F1 to generate a bug report (named trace.txt in the installation folder of Noki Gems) and send it to me.

A bug is usually fixed in 24 hours and you'll receive a patched version soon.