What Do Our Customers Think of Noki?

Here are some unsolicited snippets from their comments:

"Nokisoft is the best for viewing .nbu files.

It’s so straight forward… it’s like an arrow."

- Idris, il

"I recovered the data(E71) I had lost using Noki ... This is a great piece of software which is useful in it's own right."

- Ian McDonald, Head of IT at Symbian Foundation

"A nifty app, works a treat."

- David, za

 "I was a little uncertain whether I should spend the money on your
software or just handle the backup myself manually, but it has
definitely proven to be worth it. Great tool and great support!"

- Lars, German

"Fantastic Job!!! Thank you very much. I'll spread the word about your great program and the great special service."

- Jon, computerforensics.com


"For your testimonials page:

I've tried everything i could to connect to my nokia 6600 without the least success. I then tried to take back ups to the memory card and extract the data on my PC. No luck. Your software did exactly what it said it would! Incredible, you've restored my faith in honest software suppliers. Thanks so much."

- David O'Toole, GB


"I like the simple direct way Noki worked." 

- Robert Taft, German

"Your Software is just excellent. I am a software engineer myself. I  
know how hard it is to write a good piece of code."

- Simon, Switzerland


"Good, simple program. Just the sort of thing that Nokia should have done but didn't." 

- The Manager, Data To Documents, Australia


"I'm really enjoying your product! ... I couldn’t believe when I saw Nokia PC Suite waiting for a phone to be plugged when I lost it!"

- Bruno Lopes, Portugal


"I have been able to restore some important data from a .nbu file - Noki was there just in time..., I was already about to give up in despair..."

- Tim Hudina, Spain


"Thank you very much for all your help through the procedure, all files converted into v-card.

Full of praises for the software you have made and plus the customer service you have provided thank you and shall definitely disturb you if I ever get stuck with something.:)"

- Gurpreet Singh Soni, India


"Your software works like a charm, got all my contacts back despite Nokia official support assuring me that my backup was corrupt and it was my fault for not performing it correctly.

Thanks for developing it, I'll keep an eye on your page for future products."

- Luis Paz, Portugal


"Just realized I hadn't replied to tell you that it worked!

... Now you have 100% idiot's guide to transferring contacts for the next person :-)"

- Fiona Pearson, UK 


"Thanks a lot for your help, you did more that a simple software support."

- Regiec Charles-Louis, France


"It's working now with the new setup, thank you! ...
p.s.: I've never seen a great customer support like this:)" 

- Lencsés Albert, Hungary