Jan 21: Noki is recommended by the head of IT at Symbian Foundation

I'd thought Symiban Foundation may have some secret data recovery tools. It turns out they use Noki too:

"I recovered the data(E71) I had lost using Noki ... This is a great piece of software which is useful in it's own right."

- Ian McDonald, Head of IT at Symbian Foundation

Thanks Ian.

Jan. 12: Noki registration on Windows 7

Mr. Alan kindly send me a note on an issue when registering Noki on Windows 7:

"The reason I was having difficulty copying the Noki key to C:\ProgramFiles\Noki turns out to be that the default setting of the “User Account Control” in Windows 7 was preventing my copying the key file to the Noki folder. After disabling the UAC the key copied to the Noki folder without any difficulty.

I thought you might like to be aware of the above in case of queries from other customers."

Thank you, Alan.

Oct. 2: Noki v2.1 Released

Noki v2.1 released. It's a major upgrade to v2.0:

1. New Symbian S60 v5 .arc file

S60 v5 backups the phone memory into seperate .arc files (Messages.arc, Calendars.arc, Bookmarks.arc, etc.) instead of v3's single backup.arc file. Check the backup.arc file recovery guide for details.

* S60 v5 runs on Symbian OS 9.4. It's shipped with Nokia's recent models like: 5800, N97, X1.

2. New format Text Messages in predfined folders

New format text message in predefined folders is supported. It was parsed as normal binary files in Noki v2.0. With v2.1, you can extract, convert or preview it as normal vMessage sms.

3. Large .nbu backup file (4G ~ 8G bytes)

Fixing .nbu parser for large .nbu backup file. It's useful for models support 4G ~ 8G SD Card (N78, N85, N95, N96, N97, etc).

4. Lartin characters in contacts.cdb (Symbian contact database)

Support contact name with Lartin characters in contacts.cdb.

5. Better bug reporter

The bug report will include more detailed information - line numbers, file names and strack traces. It'll make the debug process easier with the bug report.

6. Bugs fixing:

    1) vbookmark reader for different offset
    2) filter for contacts.cdb
    3) sms without encoding info

Of course, several new models also got tested.

Thanks for you all for the support and feedback of the 8 beta versions of Noki v2.1. New feature requests are still welcomed for v2.2 as always.

Sep. 10: New Model 6288 Tested

New model Nokia 6288 tested with PC Suite

Thanks for Mr. Brunner.

Aug.1: Backup file format: .NBF vs .NFB

Recently several users send requests for extracting .NBF backup file. It's quite easy to confuse with the .NFB file.

  • .NFB file is a Nokia PC Suite backup file (pre v6.82)
  • .NBF is a Nokia phone side backup file (like 5310 Xpress)

.NFB file can be opened and extracted by Noki. And all the tricks in the backup file recovery guide still applies.

.NBF file is in .zip format - it's a phone memory bakcup to SD card. To extract you can just change the file extension to .zip or .rar and open it using any zip tools (winzip, winrar, 7zip etc). Of course, after unzipped, the Symbian contact database file Contacts.cdb still can be open and extracted to vCard using Noki.

Jun. 19: Noki is Listed as Standard Reader for .nbu file

File-extensions.org has listed Noki as associated application to file extension .NBU (along with Nokia PC Suite):

Thanks to the editor of file-extensions.org.

May. 18: Smart Review for Noki v2.0

Senior editor of 3d2f.com has done a Smart Review for the new Noki v2.0 (again!)

Noki -
a must-have addition to Nokia Suite for hassle-free phone content management

Nokia phones have a well-deserved reputation of reliable, functional and great-looking devices supplied with the best phone management software. However, a lot of users got literally trapped in situations when they need to open their phone’s backup file (to find a number or a photo), but can’t do that without a phone attached. That’s a very common situation — phones can be left at friends’ houses, at work or at home, lost or even stolen. What will you do if you had an important phone call arrangement, but can’t find the number without your mobile being attached to the computer? Unfortunately, Nokia Suite will not help you here and you’ll need to choose an alternative route...

   Noki is a compact add-on for Nokia Suite that enables you to freely navigate through your backup file and perform numerous operations with its content. Noki features an extremely convenient explorer that can be used for browsing and extracting your phonebook, SMS messages, calendar entries, memos, bookmarks, images, videos and everything else comprising the backup file. Virtually every entry can be instantly previewed in a tooltip and exported into a number of formats: text, Excel *.xls or HTML. You don’t have to deal with each record individually — just select as many objects as you need and perform the necessary operations with all of them at once. The software also generates thumbnails for all images it finds in the backup file, which saves you lots of time for finding the necessary file.

   Noki is a must-have affordable extension of Nokia Suite working even with its most recent versions. Don’t become a victim of unpleasant situations — with Noki, you will always have access to your backup data!

Thanks to Helen and the creative team of 3d2f.com.

May. 7: Noki v2.0 Released

Noki v2.0 is released. It's a major upgrade to v1.9:

1. Email support for .nbu and SD card backup.arc

Two formats of Email supported: plain text email and html email

They can be parsed out of .nbu or .arc backup file.

2. Html preview and conversion

Html can be previewed in tooltip window.

The standard format conversions (to .txt, Excel .xls and .html) are available:

3. Calendar categories and headlines

Calendars are sorted into different sub categories according to their types:

And when they're converted to Excel .xls file, a headline is generated with all the calendar fields aligned properly:

This feature is quite useful when you try to sort the calendars based on one column.

The calendar parser also recognize more fields in this version.

4. Image thumbnail drag and drop

When browing in the thumbnails list of images, you can drag and drop an image to a folder directly: no need to switch to the tree view to do the extraction:

5. Better MMS parser

MMS parser is more robust with serveral user reported bugs fixed.

Thanks you all for the help and feedbacks in the v2.0 development. As always, new feature requests are still welcomed for Noki v2.1.

Apr. 20: Noki v1.9 Released

Noki v1.9 is just released. It's a major upgrade to Noki v1.8. The new features are:

1. Calendar database support

Calendar database is an encoded database located in C:\private\1003A5B\Calendar. Noki will extract and convert calendar entries to vCalendar format (.vcs file).

2. Packed MMS support

Packed MMS is in Mail2 folder:

Noki can convert packed MMS to .txt, .xls and .html (with attachments extracted).

3. Extraction filter/configuration

Click [About] -> [Config] to control all categories of data extraction:

4. Drag and drop for extraction

The two-way drag and drop support:

1. You can drop a backup file into Noki or
2. Drag some content out of Noki explorer tree and drop into a folder.

It's a quite convenient replacement for the [Browse] button and "extract to..." right click menu.

5. Call photo extraction

For contacts with call photo, you can right click on it and choose "extract call photo ..." to save the call photo to your disk:

6. .nfc parser upgraded

.nfc backup file (pre Nokia PC Suite 6.85) parser is upgraded according several users' request.

and there's some bugs get fixed:

* fix: microdatetime fixed for calendar and packed sms
* fix: MMS saves in the same format as sms for xls saving
* fix: invalid index file entry recovery for .nfc backup
* fix: multi-numbers extraction for contacts.cdb

* more models tested.

Thanks you all for the help, comment and bug report for developing this new v1.9.

Mar 16: 5 Stars Award from FileTransit

Editor of FileTransit gave Noki v1.8 a 5 Stars Award:

"We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future. "

Thanks for the File Transit Team.

Mar 6: Noki v1.8 Released

Noki v1.8 is a major upgrade to v1.7. The new features are:

1. MMS support

previewing an MMS with picture

2. Skype dialing in phonebook

3. Call photo in phonebook

call photo in the contact tooltip

4. Contacts group support for vCard phonebook

contacts group for vCard phonebook

5. vBookmarks support
6. ActiveNotes extraction
7. Full country code support for phone number

country code support for numbers in phonebook, SMS and MMS

8. New tooltip system for previewing image in vCard and MMS
9. Parsing more sections for backup.arc file

With some bugs fixing:

* fix: Euro and chinese characters in contacts.cdb
* fix: Run-time dll loading error
* fix: Mulit-sections in bookmark seg
* fix: Sort sms in date-time order
* fix: SMS first char missing
* fix: Greek characters in contacts.cdb
* fix: Reduce error trace file size
* fix: N78 big media file extraction in backup.arc
* fix: GF arc file extraction
* fix: Multi-lined vCalendar entries
* fix: N78 backup.arc segment unzip failure
* fix: Reduce memory and resource usage volume
* fix: Split text message for MS Excel and OpenOffice's max cell length
* fix: Contact in nfb with note/email info
* fix: Recover from invalid file name in backup.arc
* fix: Recover from invalid model info header offset
* fix: Sorted calendar entries

And some new tests:

* 4GB SD card tested
* Latest Nokia PC Suite 7.1 tested
* More phone models tested

Thanks for all the users helped to test the 21 versions of v1.8 pre-releases.

Some interesting features have to be postponed to v1.9. As always, new feature requests are still welcomed. Of couse, if you find the v1.8 doesn't work for your backup file, please kindly send me a bug report.