About Noki & Me

Noki was first developed in 2005 when I bought a new 7360. At that time, it's just a pet project written in several hundred lines of Lua script. I used it to parse SMS from .nfb file (by PC Suite v6.5 then).

When Nokia released PC Suite 6.82, the backup file format changed to .nbu. I spent some time to rewrite Noki to support the new .nbu file and post the very early demo (v0.2) to Nokia discussion forum. The feedback was quite positive. People began to ask questions like "Where is my phonebook?", "Why there's no SD card?", and "Can you extract Symbian contacts database?". The requested features was then developed into Noki's new releases. The questions grows into a to-do list, guiding Noki to stay on the track from v0.2 to current v2.1.

While Noki has become a full-fledged utility, it's still evolving. v2.2 in development is planed to support backup file editing/merging, more polished text message extraction features and more languages. Please keep sharing your ideas for the next version of Noki.

I'm the programmer who writes and takes care of Noki. I'm a "Professor" member of Nokia Forum for PC Suite related questions.

Before Noki, I'd been writing a Role-Playing game engine (Fio) for 3 years. I maintains a bit operation library (LuaBit) on luaforge.net. I'm a contributing author for the book Lua Programming Gems. And as you may have guessed, Noki is mostly written in the Lua programming language.

You can contact me via email or in Noki forum.


"Simple Idea, Big Solution."