FioWriter has a lot of productivity features build-in. Here's some tips to editing more effectively:

* FioWriter Lite is also available on AppStore. It's free.

Tip 1. Mark to Select Long Text

Selecting several paragraphs of text is a common task when writing: re-position, copy or just to delete.

It's annoying when the text to select is too long and you have to drag over several screens, carefully, and the content scrolls either too slow or too fast.

--- Tip: Mark begin & end ----

Long tap at the start position of the text you want to select, select "Mark begin" in the popup menu, then tap to set the end of the selection. Done.

You can use all the fast scroll tricks to jump to the end of selection: fast scroller, go to line, tap to top.

Tip2: Auto cursor moving for pairing punctuation

iPad has separate software keyboards for characters and punctuation. We don't want to switch back and forth, so when writing a quotation, we'd prefer to:

  • 1. type two quotation marks, "",
  • 2. switch to character keyboard,
  • 3. adjust cursor one step back and write the quotation.
  • To step cursor back is really annoying: you have to long tap to magnify, slightly move your finger to adjust cursor. (You can do this with control + b, but it's still annoying: Redundant work should be done automatically).

    ----- Tip: Auto cursor moving for pairing punctuation -----

    When you type a pair of punctuation (like "", (), '', []), FioWriter will step the cursor back automatically.

    If there are some pairs I'm not aware of, please tell me ( I'll add those pairs in next release of FioWriter.

    Tip3: Check Dropbox Sync Status

    When FioWriter talks to Dropbox, it's syncing, uploading or downloading. The little Dropbox icon just spins on the toolbar.

    If you want to check what's going on, just tap the Dropbox icon - a bar with small LED bulb will show:

    • Green for uploading
    • Blue for downloading
    • Cyan for syncing

    And to hide, re-tap the bar or icon.

    Sometimes when a big chunk of text is in syncing, you can tap to check the progress. Or, just for fun.

    Tip4: Tap Toolbar for Info

    You can press command + i to get character count, word count. You can also tap the the blank space on the toolbar to get more: full path of the document in editing, storage type icon, character count and word count