FioWriter Lite is also available on AppStore. It's free.

FioWriter is a productive text editor for iPhone & iPad with command keys(⌘ ⌥ ⌃), iCloud and Dropbox sync.

"FioWriter might be just the thing for you. Handsome, minimal and functional." - Cult of Mac review

It brings back the desktop editing experience to iOS with shortcut keys, find & replace, fast scrolling, fine-grained cursor move, autosave and cloud sync. All these will combine together to let you take control - pour your thought on the screen smoothly.

1. Move around quickly

When you're writing, “Most time is spent reading, checking for errors and looking for the right place to work on, rather than inserting new text or changing it. Navigating through the text is done very often, thus you should learn how to do that quickly.” - Bram Moolenaar, the main author of Vim, said in 'Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing'

  • 1) Command + f to find words.
  • 2) Command + l to jump to a line.
  • 3) Command + j to scroll cursor back when it's off screen.
  • 4) For long text which couldn't fit in one screen, touch on the right side of the screen to show the fast scroller.
  • 5) Tap on the status bar to scroll to the top.

2. Cursor control

With shortcut keys, you can precisely move cursor around in unit of character, word, sentence, paragraph, or whole article.

  • 1) Control + f / control + b to move forward or backward one character.
  • 2) Option + f / option + b to move forward or backward one word.
  • 3) Option + a / option + e to move forward or backward one sentence.
  • 4) Control + a / control + e to move to paragraph begin or end.
  • 5) Option + control + a / option + control + e to move to the begin or end of the article.

3. Editing

  • 1) Command + a to select all text.
  • 2) Command + c to copy selected text.
  • 3) Command + v to paste.
  • 4) Command + x to cut selected text.
  • 5) Control + shift + f / control + shift + b to select one character forward or backward.
  • 6) Option + h / option + d to delete one word or forward delete one word.
  • 7) Control + k to delete to paragraph end.

There are more than thirty shortcuts for editing and cursor control. Press command + ? to find all of them. (Yes, if you are a Mac user, you will be familiar with most of them).

4. Find & replace

Command + f to find and command + option + f to replace.

When there's multiple search result, you can navigate to next via command + g or previous via command + shift + g.

5. Punctuation

Command + space to bring up a bar with commonly used punctuation keys.

6. Symbols

Option + space will show a collection of symbols for currency, trademark and mathematic. If you use some symbols more frequently, there's shortcuts for all of them too (e.g. option + p for π, option + w for Σ).

7. Built-in dictionary

Command + control + d will show the definition of the word under the cursor (from iOS built-in dictionary). If you want to define a phrase, just select several words and press the shortcut keys.

8. Word count

Command + i will show the statistic of the article in editing, including character count, word count & line number.

9. iCloud & Dropbox sync

When creating a new document, you can choose to sync with iCloud or Dropbox. Anytime online, there's always a copy be saved safely in the cloud.

You can also edit offline. Next time when FioWriter launches and the network is available, it'll sync all the offline changes automatically.

10. Fullscreen editing

Zoom in with two fingers will hide toolbar and status bar - now you can stay focus in fullscreen. (hint: command + control + f).

11. Text Expander

You can turn on TextExpander support and write with TextExpander snippet expansion.

And unlike all other editors which will clear your undo history when TextExpander is turned on, FioWriter will keep all your writing history - Safe to undo, safe to redo.

12. Font & Size

Choose in classic fonts for writers: American Type Writer, Georgia, M+ 1c and Trebuchet MS. Switch font using Option + t, change font size using command + '+/-'.


Now you've known FioWriter much better. It's time to tap the '+' on the toolbar (or press command + n) to start your next great novel, paper or shopping list.

Happy writing.